Supplementary data

Components of the Exon-Junction Complex Control the Alternative Splicing of Apoptotic Regulators

Laetitia Michelle, Alexandre Cloutier, Johanne Toutant, Philippe Thibault, Mathieu Durand, Daniel Garneau, Daniel Gendron, Elvy Lapointe, Sonia Couture, Hervé Le Hir, Roscoe Klinck, Sherif Abou Elela, Panagiotis Prinos and Benoit Chabot.
MCB 2011
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MBNL1 and RBFOX2 cooperate to change a splicing program involved in pluripotent stem cell differentiation

Julian P. Venables, Laure Lapasset, Gilles Gadea, Philippe Fort, Roscoe Klinck, Emmanuel Vignal, Philippe Thibault, Panagiotis Prinos, Benoit Chabot, Sherif Abou Elela, Pierre Roux, Jean-Marc Lemaitre, Jamal Tazi.
Nature submitted
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RBFOX1 cooperates with MBNL1 to regulate muscle-specific splicing events altered in myotonic dystrophy

Roscoe Klinck, Angélique Fourrier, Philippe Thibault, Mathieu Durand, Elvy Lapointe, Geneviève Gourdon, Giovanni Meola, Denis Furling, Jack Puymirat and Benoit Chabot
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RBFOX2 enforces the mesenchymal splicing signature in normal and cancer tissues

Julian P. Venables, Jean-Philippe Brosseau, Gilles Gadea, Roscoe Klinck, Panagiotis Prinos, Jean-François Beaulieu, Philippe Thibault, Karine Tremblay, François Rousset, Jamal Tazi, Sherif Abou Elela and Benoit Chabot
MCB 2012
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